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The current Astra 1 radio stations.

Want to know whats on the German channels? Check out


Last date channels checked as still active:   01 May 2012

The coloured bands represent which satellite each channel is broadcasting on. Please refer to the chart below this table for the key.

All channels ceased 30/4/2012. This info is now only for historical interest.



Country main language on air graphic audio frequency closedown
10714 H Kinder Kanal  (0600-2100 CET) Germany Gm Ki x Ka 7.02/7.20 2100 29/4
Sixx TV  (2100-0600 CET)  Germany Gm sixx 7.02/7.20
10759 V QVC Germany Germany Gm QVC 7.02/7.20 .
10803 H N24 Germany Gm N 24 7.02/7.20 .
10891 H Sudwest Fernsehen (Rheinland Pfalz) Germany Gm >>RP 7.02/7.20 0309 30/4
10906 V Home Shopping Europe Germany Germany Gm 2 yellow rings 7.02/7.20 .
10964 H ZDF Germany Gm ZDF 7.02/7.20 0311  30/4
10994 H Arte Germany Gm arte 7.02/7.20 0301  30/4
11009 V Phoenix  Germany Gm Phoenix 7.02/7.20 0302  30/4
11053 H WDR Fernsehen Germany Gm WDR 7.02/7.20 0303  30/4
11068 V Hessen Fernsehen Germany Gm >hr 7.02/7.20 0304  30/4
11082 H BR Alpha Germany Gm BR a 7.02/7.20 0305  30/4
11112 H MDR Fernsehen Germany Gm mdr 7.02/7.20 0307  30/4
11141 H Bayerisches Fernsehen Germany Gm BR 7.02/7.20 0306  30/4
11186 V Sudwest Fernsehen (Batten-Wurttemburg) Germany Gm >>BW 7.02/7.20 0308  30/4
11214 H RTL 2  Germany Gm I I  RTL 7.02/7.20 .
11229 V RTL Germany Gm RTL 7.02/7.20 .
11259 V Eurosport  Germany Va Eurosport 6.50 orig
7.02 En
7.20 Gm
11273 H Vox Germany Gm VOX 7.02/7.20 .
11288 V Sat 1 Germany Gm SAT 1 7.02/7.20 .
11332 H Kabel 1 Germany Gm circular swirl 7.02/7.20 .
11347 V 3 Sat Germany Gm 3 sat 7.02/7.20 0310  30/4
11391 H Super RTL Germany Gm Super RTL 7.02/7.20 .
11406 V Pro Sieben Germany Gm 7 7.02/7.20 .
11494 H ARD 1  Germany Gm 1 7.02/7.20 0313  30/4
11523 H DSF Germany Gm DSF 7.02/7.20 .
11553 H Tele 5 Germany Gm 5 7.02/7.20 .
11582 H NDR Fernsehen Mecklenburg Vorpommern Germany Gm NDR 7.02/7.20 0312  30/4
11641 H N TV  Germany Gm n-tv 7.02/7.20 .
11656 V RBB Brandenburg Germany Gm RBB BRANDENBURG 7.02/7.20 0300  30/4

Want to know which channel is on which satellite?

Astra 1KR
Astra 1L
Astra 1M
Astra 2C

Astra 1H is only carrying digital services. Astra 2C was turned off beginning of August 2007 prior to it moving to 28E (then arrived back at 19E at the end of May 2011!!).  


Latest News from 19.2 šE


1st May 2012:    All channels are now off air and the chart is retained just for interest.

1st January 2012:    As expected 4 closures overnight. DMAX from 11377V, Nickelodeon / Comedy Central off 11421H, & Viva off 11612H.
119 days to go until total closedown

9th November 2011:    DMAX will cease off 11377V at the end of December.

1st November 2011:     Nickelodeon / Comedy Central will close off 11421H at the end of December.

16th October 2011:    Viva will close off 11612H on 19E at the end of December

1st October 2011:    Channel 21 Shop closed off 11224H at midnight UTC.

18th September 2011:    Channel 21 Shop closes off 11224H on October 1st. The frequency will be digitalised for Austrian TV.

7th June 2011:    Arte on 10995H has moved over from Astra 1L to Astra 2C

1st January 2011:   
Astro TV left its timeshare on 10714H
Neun Live left 10936V a few seconds after 2300 uk time - they had the midnight chimes and some fireworks then the signal was cut
MTV Germany left 11612H
Viva Germany changed frequency from 11127V to 11612H
Sixx has started in the evening timeslot of Astra on 10714H

7th October 2010:    More 19E closures and changes coming:
MTV will cease at the end of December. The digital version is going pay, so theres no need for the analogue version to be free
Viva will take over the MTV frequency 11612H leaving the old Viva freq 11127V free to be digitalised
Astro TV will cease its evening transmissions on the Kika timeshare on 10714H at the end of December
A new part time channel starts on 1/1/2011!! Sixx will take over the Astro TV evening hours on 10714H

2nd October 2010:    Neun Live will close on 31st December 2010.

17th August 2010:    Three satellite changes in mid July:

10803H : N24 moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
10936V : 9 Live moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
11421V : Nick Deutschland/Comedy Central Deutschland moved from Astra 1L to Astra 1KR

1st July 2010:    Das Vierte / Mediashop closed off 10729V (Astra 1KR) at 2300uk time yesterday

31st March 2010:    CNN closed off 11627V on Astra 1KR this morning :-(

11th March 2010:    CNN will cease transmission of 11627V on 19E at the end of March :-(

1st January 2010:    Sonnenklar TV closed off 11464H in the final hours of Dec 31st 2009.

29th October 2009:    Sonnenklar TV will close off 11464H by the end of the year.

30th July 2009:    Astra 1F has been turned off and the remaining 4 analogue channels moved to Astra 1KR or 1L
11229V RTL moved Astra 1F - Astra 1KR or Astra 1L (depends on which source you look at)
11259V Eurosport moved Astra 1F to Astra 1KR or Astra 1L  (depends on which source you look at)
11347V 3Sat moved Astra 1F to Astra 1KR or Astra 1L  (depends on which source you look at)
11421H Comedy Central / Nick Germany moved Astra 1F to Astra 1KR or Astra 1L   (depends on which source you look at)
the exact satellite will be updated when confirmed by SES

29th July 2009:    More satellite changes:
11288V Sat 1 moved Astra 1F - Astra 1L
11332H Kabel 1 moved Astra 1F to Astra 1KR
11377V DMax moved Astra 1F to Astra 1KR
11406V Pro Sieben moved Astra 1F to Astra 1L

27th July 2009:    Two more frequency swaps:
11082H BR Alpha moved Astra 1L - Astra 1KR
11141H Bayerisches Fernsehen moved Astra 1L - Astra 1KR

23rd July 2009:    More satellite changes:
11273H Vox moved from Astra 1F to Astra 1KR
11391H Super RTL moved from Astra 1F to Astra 1KR.

22nd July 2009:    11244H Channel 21 Shop has moved from Astra 1F - Astra 1M
10759V QVC moved Astra 1KR - Astra 1M

21st July 2009: Several satellite changes in the last couple of weeks:
10714H Kika / Astro TV moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
11214H RTL 2 moved from Astra 1F(*) to Astra 1KR
11464H Sonnenklar moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
11523H DSF moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
11553H Tele5 moved from Astra 1L to Astra 1M
11582H NDR moved from Astra 1L to Astra 1M
11612H MTV Germany moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
11641H N-TV moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M

(*) also given as coming off Astra 1KR according to other sources

7th March 2009:    On 11244H RTL Shop has been renamed Channel 21.

1st January 2009:    11303H was switched off at 0000CET (2300 UK time) last night. Comedy Central continues only in timeshare with Nick Germany on 11421H.

22nd December 2008:    Comedy Central started in timeshare with Nick Germany on 11421H on December 15th. This is in preparation for 11303H to be closed down at the end of the year.

2nd October 2008:     MusicMax/Eso ceased off 11023H at 0200CET on October 1st

3rd September 2008:     Primetime ceased off 11023H on August 31st, with Astro TV moving into a timeshare with Kika TV on 10714H. New on 11023 is MusicMax / Eso TV.

1st July 2008: ceased off 11171H at 2AM CET this morning.....

3rd May 2008:    Kanal Telemedial (Primetime) started at the beginning of May

2nd February 2008:    Bloomberg Germany has closed off 11362H (Astra 1F)

1st January 2008:    CNBC / TV Shop ceased off 10744H last night (Astra 1KR). The tp will be digitalised in the near future.

29th October 2007:    CNBC has appeared on 10729V timesharing with Das Vierte.

14th October 2007:    Astra 1E has been sent to a new home at 23.5E.

3rd October 2007:     the remaining 5 channels on Astra 1E  - Phoenix (11009V) / WDR (11053H) / Viva (11127V) / Tele 5  (11553H) / NDR (11582H) have been moved over to Astra 1L.

2nd October 2007:    2 more channels removed from Astra 1E. Das Erst (11494H) moved to 1KR, RBB Brandenburg (11656H) moved to 1L

30th September 2007:    4 channels switched from Astra 1E to Astra 1KR (Sonnenklar 11464H / DSF 11523H / MTV 11621H / NTV 11641H) This is in preparation for 1E moving to 23E.

1st August 2007:     numerous changes in the last couple of weeks as Astra 1L came into service. 10964H - ZDF / 10994H  - Arte / 11141H Bayerischen Fernsehen / 11171H moved to Astra 1L, 10714H Kika-Primetime / 10759V QVC moved to 1KR

12th May 2007:     Voyages left its timeshare on 10774H. Looks like Primetime went at some point too and is now TV Shop

2nd February 2007:     Megavision removed from 11436V. Transponder lost to digital.

14th January 2007:     Viva Plus removed from 11303H and replaced by Comedy Central

21st November 2006:     TV Travel Shop  has been removed from 10729V at some point. Over on 10744H TV Travel Shop has renamed to Voyages which seems to be a holiday documentaries channel.

3rd September 2006:     XXP has ceased off 11377V. It has been replaced by DMAX

1st August 2006: The last two 1C channels have moved in the last 2 weeks and shes now off air. Viva (11127V) moved onto 1E and Eurosport (11259V) moved onto 1F.

13th July 2006:     MDR (11112H) reported moved 1C to 2C. Its all getting a bit complicated and some of the info around about which satellite each service has moved to is contradictory! However its obvious Astra 1C is being run down very fast. The table will be tweaked further once the final switch around is completed.

12th July 2006:     test card (11479V) moved 1E to 1KR. reported moved 1C to 1KR

11th July 2006:     XXP (11377V) and Nick Germany 11421H) moved 1C to 1F.
Using the official SES channel list Ive corrected a couple of errors on the satellite colours. According to the list, Phoenix (11009V) is on 1E not 1C. BR Alpha is on 2C not 1E. Bayerischer Fernsehen (11414H) is on 2C not 1E.  Things will probably change rapidly over the next few weeks as services on 1C are wound down in preparation for its retiral.

10th July 2006:     9Live (10936V) moved Astra 1C to 1E.

8th July 2006:     WDR (11053H) Bayern Alpha (11082H ) / Bayerisches Fernsehen (11141H)  move from 1C to 1E, & RTL Shop (11244H) move 1C to 1F

21st June 2006:     CNN on 11627V switched from 1E to 1KR

20th June 2006:     Astra 1KR fired up at 19E.

6th June 2006:     Megastore suddenly left 11436V.

16th April 2006:     Arena on 11436V has been renamed Megastore.

5th February 2006:     the 11538H test card was switched off a few days ago.. 11377V has lost TV Travel Shop Germany and XXP is now sole occupant of the frequency.10744H has seen XXP depart with Primetime starting in the evening.

4th October 2005:     a weak test card has appeared on 11538V. Its so weak it could possibly be off Astra 1B..... Update once we have more info.

29th September 2005:     New on 10729V is Das Vierte. CNBC has moved to 10744H, TV Travel Shop appears to have ceased completely. No loss!

20th September 2005:     The new service on 11436V is testing. Its called "arena"

17th September 2005:  An APS test card has started on 11436V. We have lost 10921H to digital at some point..

25th April 2005:     10862 H has been lost to a Polish digital service

17th April 2005:     RBB Berlin has ceased its evening transmissions off 11171H.

16th April 2005:     MTV2 Pop will cease on 12th September 2005. It will be replaced by Nickelodeon Germany.

9th March 2005:     Astro TV has ceased time sharing off 11171H (0600 - 0800). It continues on its new full time 11023H.

22nd February 2005:     11023 H has been fired up again. Its now carrying Astro TV.

1st January 2005:     K1010 (10861H on 2C) and BTV 4U (11023 H on 1C) pulled off 19E late last night. Both were off air by 2330 uk time.

28th December 2004:     K 1010 is being pulled off analogue at the ends of December. Its now only radiating an info loop. BTV4U is also supposed to be ceasing.

21st December 2004:     Astro TV has left 10744H.

12th December 2004:     Astro TV has started a second timeshare slot. This time on 10744H operating from 0800-1600cet. Astra 1B has been off air since mid November.

18th November 2004:     Most services on Astra 1B transferred to 1E :-(     However 11538V was briefly re-activated on 1B. The exact changes were:
Sonnenklar TV (11464H) / DSF(11523H) /  Tele 5(11553H) / NDR Fernsehen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (11582H)/ MTV Germany(11612H) / CNN Int Europe(11627V) / N-TV (11641H) / RBB Brandenburg(11656V) moved from Astra 1B to 1E. Meanwhile, Kika(10714H) / Sudwest Fernsehen Rheinland Pfalz(10891H) were shifted off 1E and moved to 2C

13th November 2004:     Astro TV started timesharing on 11171H 0600-0800cet. 10921H has lost its test card gone off air

11th November 2004:     11671H reactivated on 1E. Only carrying a test card at the moment - the digital signal didnt last very long :-)

17th September 2004:    RBB Berlin is now carrying a test card for 123tv in its downtime. The inactive 11671H has been lost to digital

22nd August 2004:    the Astra test card on 11671 H has been removed and the transponder is off air. Again

31st July 2004:    New on 10861 H is the German quiz channel K1010.

29th May 2004:    10861H has been fired up again. Currently carrying an Astra test card.

16th April 2004:    TV Travel Shop has ceased the dual illumination transmission on 10818V as expected.

29th February 2004:    TV Travel Shop will discontinue dual illumination on 19E at the end of April. 10818V will be shut down, continuing on 10744H.

28th February 2004:     TV Shop Germany has ceased off 10847V, it continues on 11377V. 11671H has been reactivated  and is carrying an ASTRA test card.

3rd February 2004:     XXP is now available from 2000-0000 CET timesharing with TV Travel Shop on 10744H

20th December 2003:     2 transponders activated. TV Travel Shop Germany has displaced the colour bars on 10744H. Meanwhile 11377V has been reactivated after over 2 years off air, and TV Shop Germany has appeared on it. This suggests new uses for the currently used 10818V and 10847 V.

5th October 2003:     Bloomberg UK has left 11171H.

(10th August 2003):     Telemall TV is gearing up for a launch on 19E. They hope to be launching in Autumn 2003, and is another shopping service. My guess is that either 10744H or 10921H will be used.

(1st June 2003):     The German station XXP is rumoured to be joining 19.2E at some point.

(1st May 2003):     SFB1 has been replaced by RBB Berlin. ORB has been replaced by RBB Brandenburg.

(20th April 2003):     BTV 4U replaced BTV the first week of April.

(13th March 2003):     BTV on 11023H will be replaced by BTV4 in the next few weeks.

(1st March 2003):     Premiere Analogue has ceased on 11464H. The frequency has been taken over by German holiday shopping channel Sonnenklar TV. TV Puls seems to have ceased off 11671H.

(22nd February 2003):     The Astra test card on 10979V has disappeared in the last few days.

(27th January 2003):     Premiere will close off 11464H at the end of Feb. Sonnenklar will take over this frequency in March.

(1st January 2003):     Arte has left 10714H as expected, although the programming made it into 2003. A Kika promo is currently running in the evening.


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Additional information about the satellites and programmes at 19.2E


If you want to use a very old analogue receiver with a modern LNB you need to do some maths for the frequency shift in the LNB. Or look at this page - frequency conversions for using very old analogue receivers with modern LNB's and you will find I have done them for you   :-)

SES Astra press release 28th August 2003:     ARD / ZDF sign long term carriage agreements for 19.2E

TV Shop uses an info card to identify its transponder when it's off air late at night.

News about the forthcoming Astra's 1KR and 1L. SES Astra press release 18th June 2003.

SES Astra press release from 16th April 2003 - MTV 2 Pop renews analogue & digital transmission agreement.

SES-Astra press release 28th February 2003 - Sonnenklar TV signs agreement to transmit in analogue from 19.2E

SES-Astra press release 14th January 2003 - Kika renews analogue transmission agreement.

Eutelsat & SES Press releases about their spacecraft and November 2002 Leonids meteor storm.

Press release for the launch of Astra 1K. (This bird would have replaced Astra 1B & 1C if the launch had been successful.)

Remember the old station TV logo's? Here is a selection of the logos used at 19.2šE.

The SES frequency band plan for 19.2E

Pictures of the SES test cards used on empty transponders.

The SES AstraVision caption card radiated from August 2002

If you are having reception problems, have a look at the SES-Astra footprint maps. They will give you an idea of the minimum dish size needed for reception of each satellite. (Link to SES site)

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Fox News Channel closed off 11436V at the end of January 2002. See the announcement card they ran during the American ad breaks.

UK Channel 5 closed their Astra 1 signal at the end of December 2001. See the caption they were running prior to closedown.

Some info about Astra 1A (now at 5.2E) can be found here.

JSTV ceased analogue transmissions on 31st October 2001. They carried this card on their tp for a few days after closedown.

Turner Classic Movies / Cartoon Network ceased on 30th June 2001. Here is the info card carried after closedown.

Sky Sports 2 changed frequencies on 30th June 2001, and ran an info card for a few days on their old channel.

The launch of Astra 2C 16th June 2001.

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