Turksat 1C / Eurasiasat 1    (42 E)

(Eurasiasat 1 is sometimes known as Turksat 2A).


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A special section Focus on EurasiaSat 1 has recently been added to the site.

Turkey has issued special phone cards to celebrate the launch of their satellites.

The radio stations still operating off 42E.


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Last date channels checked and still active: 03 April 2009

Frequency Channel Country main language on air graphic audio frequency notes
x ceased 4th July 2006 x x x . x

For East Beam channels please see the bottom of the page.


Want to know which channel is on which satellite?
Turksat 1C
Eurasiasat 1



1    normally encrypted but has been seen unencrypted at times. 0400 - 2400.

2    Nagravision encoded, 0000 - 0400. Possible "Freeview" times during transmission.




Latest News


4th july 2006:    Cine 5 left 11006V

20th January 2006:    Fantasy seems to have left 11006V in the last couple of days.

24th October 2005:    TRT 1 appeared on 12027V last week for a few days - transmitting on the ES1 west beam. Sadly I was on holiday at the time and missed it! It ceased on the 21st.

22nd July 2005:    The Eurasiasat promo has ceased off 11723V on the west beam of ES1.....

9th March 2005:    new frequency for the Eurasiasat promo. Its moved off 11954V to 11723V.

25th January 2005:    Show TV reported off 11048V

2nd June 2004:    Kanal Fun D is reported to have left 11026H (east beam) again.

17th May 2004:    Kanal D Fun back on the east beam 11026H.

16th May 2004:    Kanal D Fun has left 11569V (west beam) & 11026H (east beam)

17th November 2003:    ATV Turkey has left Turksat 1C East beam (10966V)

13th November 2003:    Star TV has disappeared off 12725 V.

8th October 2003:    The Eurasiasat Promo is back on a new frequency of 11954V. New Star TV information card radiated during August 2003 added to the site.

30th August 2003:    Star TV has changed frequency from 12602H to 12725V

2nd August 2003:    TV 8 ceased off 11838 V in the last couple of days.

5th July 2003: new page - Star TV info card October 2002

26th May 2003:    The Eurasiasat Promo has gone from 11766V.

14th May 2003:    TRT International / Bayrak TV have disappeared off 11093V

12th January 2003:    new page - Turkish station logos

6th October 2002:    Star TV on 12602H is currently carrying an info card. The digital Star TV channels are also carrying info cards.

8th July 2002:    ATV has left 10966V for digital.

March 2002:    11725 V has fallen silent. Kral TV and Star 2 have gone digital.

Feb 2002:    Eurasiasat promo (11766 V) and TV 8 (11836 V) are recent additions to the line up. Maxi TV / Super Sport 11683 V seem to have disappered to digital.

Kral TV has changed transponders from 12690 H.

Over summer 2001 Kanal 7 (11144 V), BRT (11513 V), and Isik TV (12520 H) have gone over to digital transmissions.

TeleOn has been lost to digital, and has been replace by Star 2



The Turksat 1C East Beam Channels


The channels listed in the table below are on the Turksat east beam. This has a footprint centred on the eastern part of the Mediterranean. These channels are not received in the north or west of Europe, but I have decided to include them as they are available in south eastern Europe.


Frequency Channel Country main language on air graphic audio frequency notes
x ceased 8th March 2006 x x x . x


8th March 2006:    Eurasiasat promos shut down yet again off 11782H & 11971H

1st February 2005:    TRT 1 ceased off 11177H

17th December 2005:    Eurasiasat promo back on 11971H

13th November 2005:      Eurasiasat promo on 11971 H shut down.

3rd August 2005:    Eurasiasat promo on 11971 H

1st February 2005:    TRT Turk off 11123 H

3rd January 2005:    TRT 2 left 11085H.

13th December 2004:    BBC World has left 11782 H. Replaced by a Eurasiasat Promo

2nd June 2004:    Kanal Fun D is reported to have left 11026H (east beam).

22nd May 2004:    TRT Turk moved frequencies from 11553 H to 11123 H.

1st April 2004:    TRT Gap / TRT 3 ceased off 11467 H.  TRT 4 ceased off 11497 H





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